Friday, March 22, 2013

Origami Dresses

Playing with paper is fun and these dress were all made from squares of origami paper

they are easy to make and make lovely cards and invitations

I added pieces of lace, rhinestones, pearls, buttons & silk ribbon so that each dress is unique

and how could I work on any project with including a graphic from Karen's blog The Graphics Fairy
- for this card I chose a French theme because the dress is rather classic chic, don't you think?

getting married?

or"Ladies who Lunch"  - this was a custom order for place cards

There are lots of links to tutorials & videos to make these dresses -  here is the one I used

and...............for the man in your life I made this with a £20 note

and this was  a $20 note

the tutorial for folding dollar note is shirts right   here

Happy Paper Crafting


Saturday, March 16, 2013

Lazertran Waterslide Decals on Ikea Jug

hello again!

this will be the shortest blog entry ever!

I found this lovely beehive decal on the Graphics Fairy blog and thought of would add a bit interest to this lovely little metal jug from Ikea

Lazertran is such an easy way to transfer an image - just print it on to the Lazertran paper, soak in warm water and slide the decal on to the surface. I used the product for inkjet printers but it is also available for laser and for transferring on to cloth. You can also buy one to transfer stamped or embossed images on to shaped surfaces

this would be a great way to jazz up glassware or crockery - or even to place text on a wall

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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Gift Wrapping

I have been having a busy time preparing for classes and one of the classes I enjoy most is gift wrapping. 

There are so many things you can do with paper, ribbon, tapes, jewels, lace and other bits and pieces that it is fairly easy to make something original and make yours a unique "Designer" wrap

These are a few of the wraps I have designed in the last week - I hope they inspire you

Pink metallic paper, velvet ribbon with hand made & dyed silk roses

Duck egg wallpaper with a satin ribbon Tiffany bow and vintage rhinestones from a damaged piece of vintage jewellery

for the man in your life - add a keyring as an extra little present (I used a leather boot keyring)

this would look great if you were giving a pair of Jimmy Choos!

lace & pearls on wallpaper



Friday, March 8, 2013

La Vie en Rose covered journal

I've had a busy week preparing for classes and designing kits, but only had to spend about half an hour covering another journal. This is a great way to use  up odd pieces of fabric, lace, ribbon, buttons, jewellery and bows 

this is how I made it.......

 I cut a piece of linen fabric the size of the opened journal and added ½-¾" all around to tuck in later. I marked it with tailors chalk and used a yardstick (or else I would never have straight lines!)

spray the fabric with adhesive, following the manufacturers instructions (I used Hobbycraft repositionable)

trim the corners diagonally

place the open book on the fabric and press it on, smoothing out any wrinkles with a brayer or bank/hotel key card

cut slits in line with the spine

press down between the pages  and the spine (sorry I didn't take a picture) - use a small blunt instrument to tuck it in neatly

fold the excess fabric over and glue to the inside covers

cut a pretty piece of paper and stick on the inside covers - I used origami paper and Mod Podge - again use a brayer or card to smooth out any wrinkles 
I also used an image of scissors, from the Graphics Fairy, on the inside cover

then (the fun part)........decorate with panache!

I added some French galon butterflies and painted the stem & comma strokes  with DecoArt So Soft Fabric Paints.  I then added a rose made I had previously with hand dyed ombre silk ribbon. I will post instructions shortly on how to make  a silk ribbon rose brooch. 

Instructions for making the little fork bow are in my last post

The cute little bee is an image from The Graphics Fairy and the script was typed on my mac & transferred using Reynold's Freezer Paper

My tutorial for velvet bookmarks can be found in an older post - just search the labels on the left 

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Friday, March 1, 2013

Easy to make fork bows tutorial

I am spending lots of time preparing for classes, but still manage to fit in time to try new things - you know what it's like. Something just grabs you and you must try it!

My latest "play" is covering journals with linen and giving them an individual look

I will shortly post a link on how to do this,  but today  thought I would just share how to make some teeny weeny little ribbons bows.

 These are modelled on a fork and take less than a minute to make!

1 x fork
20 cms x 7mm wide  ribbon (I used100% silk)

 Fold the ribbon around the fork - the lower ribbon should be about 3 cms longer than the top one

bring the bottom ribbon up and pass diagonally over the top ribbon and  through the centre tines

bring the other end around and over, & pass it down through the  centre tine in front of the other ribbon. The 2 ends will now be at the back of the the fork


turn the fork over and tie the two ends with a single bow (pull the ribbon as tight as you can)

 slide the loops from the fork

cut the ends diagonally and you have a neat little bow

I used  one of these cute bows on this linen covered journal, and added some vintage lace, tatting and mother-of-pearl buttons. I copied the beautiful silhouette from the Graphics Fairy - I now have a big stash of Karen's graphics that I want to use. 

The method I use to transfer the image was to copy the image on to Reynold's Freezer Paper and then burnish it on to the fabric with a spoon.