Friday, October 5, 2012

tatt's good

Good Morning

congratulations to Glynda Devore who was picked in the random draw - I hope you like the gifts Glynda

It's been a busy week - in between having new doors fitted in the house and a new floor in the living room, I have been busy tatting pretty little  teapots from A Book of Tatted Teapots by Martha Ess

I have been tatting for about 2 years and, up until then, I hadn't even heard of tatting.  Along with other crafts tatting is becoming really popular. There are lots of free patterns online,  lovely pictures on Pinterest and tutorials on Youtube. When I first started I bought "Learn to Tatt" by Janette Baker. This book comes with an interactive CD which makes it easy to follow. It explains how to master the craft and has patterns suitable for a beginner

back to time for tea......

this was my first attempt, it is called Tiny Round Teapot (an obvious choice of name!)

and.....a tiny square teapot

both were tatted using Lizbeth thread  size 20

Yarnplayer has wonderful patterns and one of the first things I made, using 1 shuttle,  was her Carnival earrings. It is an easy to follow pattern which incorporates beads

Another nice pattern is the Stumpy bookmark from Kersti Anear - I love this pattern and it looks good in variegated thread

I used the same "Stumpy" pattern for the angel's wings on a pillow for my friend Jo. The script "I believe in angels" is from The Graphics Fairy

.......yet another craft for which I need "things" - this time shuttles, threads (in every colour), patterns and a lot of patience!

Lots of tatting patterns and shuttles are sought by collectors and fetch really high prices. Mary Konior books are out of print, but can still be found. I have her books Tatting with Visual Patterns and Mary Konior tatting Patterns (of which there are 3 but I only have one so far).

Have a great weekend


  1. Gill - I love your tiny teapots. Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Also - thanks for inspiring me to take up tatting. I'll be taking my shuttles & thread along on my next vacation. I'm bringing Janette's book, too for inspiration & help. Have a wonderful weekend.

    1. thanks Kim - it is a lovely craft and is especially good when travelling. Hope all is well with you and yours

  2. I have several tatted pieces (mostly pillowcase edgings, now displayed in my guest room) done by a dear great aunt - she passed away some years ago but every time I look at the lovely work she did I am reminded of that precious lady and my love for her. Thank you for sharing your beautiful tatted creations!

    1. thank you Sharon. Tatting is certainly having a revival! It's a nice hobby and very easy to carry around

  3. Lovely! All your tatting looks beautiful, and I really appreciate seeing a tatted teapot!


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