Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to cover a box lid with fabric

What is it about boxes? I hoard them and have even been known to buy a box of biscuits just because I like the tin or box! many of my storage boxes look shabby and not chic?

I keep some  of the earrings I make in this white cardboard box, but, as you can see, the lid was looking a bit worse for wear.

I transferred a lovely vintage image, of children in the rain, on to a piece of white linen....the image is another one from Karen, The Graphics Fairy. I transferred the image using the freezer paper technique which I find is the best way to do it (there is a tutorial on an earlier post here)

I didn't take a picture at the beginning of this project, so must explain the the snowflakes were stamped on later and are not part of the image

There are lots of tutorials out there on how to cover boxes and box lids, but this is how I did it:

A. lay the fabric on a flat surface
B. place the  lid on to he fabric (upside down), and fold the edges over to the inside
C. Tuck the fabric in tightly and mark where you want to cut - I used an air erasable pen & the marks vanish in a short time

D. open the fabric out and apply strong double sided sticky tape along each of the four edges

E. cut off the excess at each corner 

F. Remove the paper from the tape and fold each edge over, making sure the corners are neat

This is how the corners should look inside (there is a little wrinkle on one edge - but wrinkles do add character!)

To add more touches to the scene I rubber stamped the snowflakes  (using an ink pad suitable for fabric). I then added a few rhinestones to the bottom of the umbrella, dry brushed some snow at the bottom and added a light sprinkle of DecoArt Glamour Dust.

    ...and that's it finished - box clever! 

Hanging candle jar

jars are in! and there are so many things you can do with them 

this tutorial will show a really easy way to hang jars in a way that they are safe - the wire is very secure and won't come undone. This is especially important if a jar is being used as a candle holder

You will need:
a jar
2 pieces of wire  
Wire cutters
Round nose pliers
Nylon nose pliers - for straightening the wire (optional)

Soak the jar and remove the label

Make a coil at each end, using round nosed pliers  as seen here

 shape the handle by moulding the wire round a cylindrical object the appropriate size

Remove the wire, then thread the longer piece of wire through the two coils you just made

wrap around the neck of the jar until the two pieces meet, then twist them together (2 twists)

thread both wires back through the coils taking them to the front of the jar  
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 twist them together 2-3 times

cut both ends, leaving approximately 1" and make 2 decorative coils

There are so many ways you can decorate these - why not use up small pieces of lace, burlap, string, shells........the list is endless

Thanks for visiting, Gill

Friday, July 26, 2013

Rubber Stamping with DecoArt Ink Effects

I really enjoy painting on fabric and DecoArt Ink Effects is such an innovative idea!

It  is painted on to normal copy paper and then transferred to light coloured fabrics with a hot iron. I was thinking about how it could be used if you weren't too sure about painting but still want to create your own designs and this is what I came up with! Good old rubberstamps

I stopped teaching rubber stamping years ago (when I discovered decorative painting actually) and gave most of my stamps away, but luckily I held on to a few favourites and I used a lovely sea horse stamp to decorate a t-shirt

If you want to try something similar this is what you will need:

T shirt *
DecoArt Ink Effects Paints
DecoArt Spray on Basecoat  (only if the fabric contains more than 40% synthetic ie cotton)
Paint brushes (I used size 12 flat)
Palette or paper plate
Copy paper
Rubber stamps
an iron

1. Spray on the basecoat lightly and evenly to the area you want the image to be

2. paint the sea with watered down blue and green paint (not too much water - just enough to allow the brush to glide on the paper)

3. pick up some blue paint on the brush and spread on to the plate or palette - you need just enough to cover the raised pattern on the stamp, so it doesn't get clogged. You may find it best to practice first

4. press the sea horse stamp in to the paint

5. stamp on to paper

6. stamp a few sea horses on to a second piece of paper (this will be used if you want to add more sea individual horses)

7. leave to dry for at least 30 minutes

8. place the first piece of paper on to the item

9. set with a hot iron (no steam)

10. cut out individual sea horses to place elsewhere and repeat step 8

* Ink Effects can be used on any light coloured fabric containing less than 40% synthetic

ps I will let you in to a secret.......this is a great way to upcycle items that are marked (mine is under the top right sea horse!)

for more info please visit the Decoart website

Happy Stamping

Gill Colthart
DecoArt Helping Artist

Monday, July 22, 2013

Dragonflies & Sweet Peas on card

Isn't this weather amazing? Imagine having 3 weeks sunshine in Edinburgh........I haven't been sitting out in it much as I have been trying to get organised after the cruises. Everything is now packed away so I am trying to come up with some new designs.

Karen,  the Graphics Fairy,  posted a beautiful dragonfly on her Facebook page this week and it really inspired me to get busy again and make some cards and tags

I stamped the greetings, using a Versamark Watermark Stamp pad

and  brushed on some Pearl Ex Powdered Pigment 

next I brushed off the excess powder, and,  only after  every trace of the excess powder was brushed off,  I sprayed the cards with DecoArt Spray Sealer to hold the remaining powder in place. (the ombre effect on the card below was achieved by using 2 colours of Pearl Ex)

I then cut and pasted lots of dragonflies and printed the page on to copy paper, plus a few more on vellum (I used the vellum ones for the top layer of wings on the get well card)

I painted the dragonflies with DecoArt Metallic paint in Sky Blue Pearl,  and for added sparkle, sprinkled on some DecoArt Glamour Dust (my absolute favourite)

 I cut them  out using decoupage scissors (a bit fiddly but worth it) and stuck them on to the cards & tags with tiny sticky dots

 I painted this tag with DecoArt America  Camel & Sand paints and dry brushed DecoArt  Glorious Gold Metallic over it - the resulting effect is almost like wood and I thought it would make a nice  gift tag for a pair of turquoise earrings I had just made

Enjoy summer and I hope you see lots of lovely dragonflies

Monday, July 15, 2013

Painting at sea

at last I have time to post on here again!

it has been a busy time for me since I last wrote, with lots of painting, crafting and travelling.

I absolutely loved teaching on the cruise ships - I had a wonderful class room and met lots of lovely ladies.

These are some of the ladies who attended a beginners' class and painted bamboo.

If you
would like to try painting bamboo one of my projects is at 

painting  flowers

and I  demonstrated decorative painting a few times

We all had great fun and most of the ladies are very keen to continue at home. I gave them some of my practice sheets and suggested they use the same paints I teach with,which are DecoArt Americana and Decoart Traditions

We visited beautiful places and I will share pictures in my next blog

Happy painting and crafting