Sunday, October 28, 2012

Tatted bookmarks and felt hearts

sometimes I wish I wasn't so much of a flibbertigibbet - I really am a Gill of all trades and mistress of none! Why are we crafters like this I wonder?  I think that it's because, when we see something new to create,  our creative juices start flowing, and we just have to try NOW! lol

Tonight I have been making a felt heart with silk ribbon roses and  decided to add a little dragonfly

for the tail I used used some lovely Kreinik metallic thread that my friend Kim, from across the pond, sent me (thanks again Kim). It is a beautiful thread with lots of sparkle. I dye the silk ribbon myself because this gives a lovely shaded effect.

Another craft I enjoy is tatting and I couldn't think what to do with  tatted bookmarks (except, of course, mark the place in a book). I tried to think of a novel way to present them as gifts and came up with this idea

I printed the image from The Graphics Fairy on to an A5 card and set up the boy & girl images so that one was printed on the back of the card, as an extra touch.

I gave the little girl's dress a watercolour wash and added a ribbon to match

The purple bookmark pattern is a Mary Konior pattern and the red & orange is "Stumpy" by Kersti Anear

I thought about adding some text, but actually like the simplicity of them as they are 

Tatt's it folks!


  1. You're very creative, the cards are just beautiful. So is the little heart pillow too.

  2. Love it all. I'd love to be able to tat but can't crochet anymore due to arthritis and no feelings in finger tips in either hand. Have arthritis in wrist also. When I crocheted my hand would go numb for hours, really weird tingly feeling.
    You do beautiful work,be glad. Loved the tatt cards with the kids. Happy week

  3. What a treat is would be for a friend of yours to receive such a card and bookmark! I came over via The Graphics Fairy.


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