Monday, July 30, 2012

Wire crochet jewellery

I have been playing with  silver coated wire and beads. As I said in my last post I haven't crocheted in years but I have taken to it like the proverbial duck to water. Silver wire is a new medium for me and it takes a certain amount of trial and error to achieve the desired effect.

I used size 28 gauge wire  and incorporated various sizes of beads.  I then added a piece of wire wrapped sea glass,  picked on a beach in Grand Cayman and then  added a  fresh water pearl.

There are patterns & videos  online. My first necklet was done by  crocheting  3 separate strands of chain and then twisting  them together. The result is, I hope, both tactile and pleasing to the eye.

For the next project I tried something different and crocheted 3 rows of double crochet - this allows  more input as to bead placement.

I am taking orders for these necklets, in the colours of your choice.  They are all made with silver plated wire and have sterling silver clasps. Please allow 2-3 weeks completion and delivery.

I am really enjoying crafting here in Calpe where there is beautiful sunshine every day. This place is so quiet that you can almost hear the silence - very conducive to creativity. We are parked very close to a lake which is a wildlife sanctuary. There are so many herbs and plants and, just to make it more perfect (can anything be more perfect - oxymoron?) there are lots of flamingoes.

Speaking of herbs and plants, and bearing in mind that we are travelling in a small motorhome, so far we have purchased an aloe vera plant, lavender, basil, geranium and rosemary we will soon look like a travelling garden centre! NOte to self - do not buy any more plants!

Wow! aloe vera is the miracle plant - it works like magic on sunburn (already proven a few days ago,  in fact a fellow camper said to me yesterday "thanks doctor" lol ) and has so many other medicinal uses.

What will tomorrow bring?...more sunshine we hope, more Spanish wine and who knows what else?

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