Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Tatting with C Lon Micro Cord

 I recently made a pair of earrings with Lizbeth 20 thread but
I was not happy with my first attempt and felt disappointed as it takes ages to thread the beads and tatt it up. No matter what I did the beads would not lie flat aaaargh! I have used Lizbeth thread dozens of times and it is my favourite thread, but, for me it is too soft to work with so many beads.

So.......for my second attempt I used C Lon Micro cord which I purchased from Marion at Jewels in Fiber and the difference was amazing! Marion has a wealth of knowledge and even sent samples to me.  

You can see the difference below with the micro cord on the left


The beads now lay perfectly (well almost!) and I was happy enough to try a matching necklace

I would highly recommend using this thread for tatting, although it does take a bit of getting used to. My results are not perfect but will, I am sure improve with practice.  


These (for me)  are the pros and cons and cons of using nylon thread:

Easy to thread seed beads
Beads slide along thread easily whilst tatting
Easy to tighten rings
Nice shiny finish

Picots on chains can be difficult to find if adding a second chain over the first one
More difficult than normal to stretch a picot if it is too small

The pattern for the earrings is by Emelie beads (

......and the Toho #15 seed beads are from

ps steam press with the iron at medium temperature (test first). I sandwiched the earrings between two pieces of kitchen towel. This gave a great result as they did not need starching but were very crisp