Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Miniature Wardrobe for Paper Art Dresses - Tutorial

Hi.......how are you today? 

I have been busy doing lots of crafting and my latest thing is how can I display my miniature paper dresses. Lightbulb moment.....in a wardrobe of course!
I think there are templates online but I like to do my own thing and here are the results

It was only after I had completed two wardrobes that I thought I should do a tutorial, so I have done just that. 

I used a sheet of A4 paper to show how to make a template. 

When making the actual wardrobe I would recommend using 220gsm card - anything heavier would not give a sharp enough crease where the doors fold back


Fold the paper twice

Draw the top and bottom shapes

Cut through the 4 layers

 Undo fold 2 (you now have 2 layers with the first fold at the left hand side)

Mark the doors using a piece of card as a template
Cut along the solid lines then fold the dotted lines towards you

Alternatively you can make smaller doors with a drawer at the bottom


Add brads for handles, attach a cord for hanging a dress and decorate beautifully. I used scrapbook paper for the inside back


Happy Papercrafting


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Silk Ribbon Roses on a Needle Case

Hi..we are still feling the cold weather here in Scotland.....it is a big change after spending time in Florida, but, although snow is lying the buds are showing so bring on Spring!

I am teaching various crafts on three cruises this year and am happy to say all the preparation is done. A lot of work is involved in designing projects, sourcing materials, assembling kits and writing instructions and it is always a nice feeling to have all that behind you

Now I can look forward go visiting beautiful places and teaching in a fun evironment with passengers.

I don't do "idle hands"  so I am using this time to brush up on and improve some skills.

I wanted to practice French knots so came up with this idea for a needle case

I sewed silk ribbon roses (I have written a tutorial for this in an earlier blog) and added lazy daisy flowers and  French knots

I sewed little seed beads around the edge 

The small red heart was only sewn part of the way round so I can keep a needle threader and thread to hand

I recently purchased the Sizzix spool die 
this makes life a bit easier as I measure, cut and wind thread and floss as required to complete kits

I enjoyed doing this little project and making something useful

Happy Crafting