Thursday, June 5, 2014

Vintage Craft Show Display using Chalk Paint

I will be teaching crafts and painting on cruise ships this summer and I do like to have a nice display to showcase my projects.

I decided to give a vintage look to some of the items I will be using -  a business card holder, necklace stand and a box I  made with ordinary 250gsm craft card

This is what I used for the makeover:

DecoArt Americana Decor Chalky Paint - colour Rafraichissant
Kitchen towel
Glue or sticky dots

The necklace stand was plasticised card (sorry I didn't take a picture of the business card holder, but it was an mdf piece I had previously painted)

and these are the embellishments I used

this is how to paint something similar:
  • 1. paint the base pieces with the chalky paint (please see below for how to paint the embellishments)
  • 2. float the Graphite paint around the edges and, after a few minutes, rub some colour off with kitchen towel until you get the desired effect
  • 3. mix  some inky paint with 50/50  Graphite paint and water, and use a toothbrush to add speckles - to do this dip an old toothbrush in to the inky paint and run your thumb across the bristles. It is a good idea to practice on paper first 
  • 4. apply the wax using a lint-free cloth and buff when it is dry

To paint the embellishments:
1. paint with Graphite paint and allow to dry

2. Pick up some green paint on a flat brush, take off some paint on card or paper, and dry brush on to the embellishment allowing the grey paint to show through. Don't use too much paint and repeat if necessary

3. Seal with spray vanish and glue the embellishments on to  the base pieces

I absolutely love DecoArt Chalky finish paint - the colours are fabulous and it can be used on so many surfaces including furniture, glass, metal and walls. Try combining different colours for a unique result

 I also prefer the wax to any I have used before as it is so easy to apply and gave just the vintage finish I wanted on this set

 Watch this space for more Chalky Paint projects