Thursday, March 13, 2014

How to make boxes with the Crafters Companion

Earrings.....paper are all things I make and like to present them in pretty, suitably sized boxes. That is easier said than done, at least it was until I got the Crafters' Companion.
I have tried other methods to make boxes, but the lids never quite fit the base and the beauty of this is that, as long as you use two identical sizes of card the lid will fit like the proverbial glove
I was going to write a tutorial, but there are excellent instructions here
and also on Youtube
My preferred choice of glue is Hobbycraft Tacky and I find it really helpful to hold the pieces in place with paperclips until the glue is dry. I have had prblems using card with a high gloss but a quick rub with fine sandpaper often helps.
The Crafters' Companion can also be used to make envelopes and bows or for embossing.
So that's easy and a great money saver