Monday, October 28, 2013

Christmas bauble tags

I am so enjoying using my new Sizzix Shapeboss machine. I decided it was time to replace my old original one which I have used for 15 years because the new machine is much more adaptable and easy to use (it has a turning handle rather than a lever).  It also has a better selection of dies you can use

I made these quick and easy tags with a Sizzix Movers and Shapers die - I bought it from the Sizzix UK site and it was reduced from £14.99 to £3.74 - love a bargain

once again I used lovely images from the Graphics Fairy

 I printed the graphics on card and fiddled about with the placement until it was right -  this took a few tries!

I printed on the reverse side of the embossed gold card so the they will look nice if hung on a tree

I then painted the tops with Decoart Metallic Pure Gold Paint and sprinkled on some DecoArt
Glamour Dust. To finish off I tied on some Christmas red voile ribbon

These would make nice gift tags tree ornaments or could be used on cards

I will let you in on a secret - these are for projects I will be doing for Christmas 2014!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Paper Shoes and Ballroom Slippers

once, when she was a little girl, our daughter asked if I would make her a new pair of shoes! She was so used to me sewing, knitting and crocheting her clothes that she just assumed I could make shoes to order!

Well now I can, the only problem being that they are made of paper and are too small 

my last blog was  about making the  shoes I made using a template from Artful Affirmations

The ones shown here were made using a Sizzix Bigz die called "Ballroom Slipper". Ooooh it is so easy to make them.

When I started teaching crafts about 15 years ago supplies were difficult to find - this meant that we had to think up our own ideas and make backing papers, toppers etc ourselves. Now it is all done for you and this shoe template doesn't only cut out the shapes it also creases them.

I am not going to write a tutorial for these as there are excellent videos on Youtube, especially the one by Brenda Walton  - the lady who designed this die. You can find the video here (funnily enough there were no instructions in the box).

I just purchased a Sizzix Bigshot machine at Hobbycraft, to replace my original one which I have had for many years, but have decided to keep both. I will use the new one with Bigz, Framelits and other new type dies and keep the big heavy old machine to use with the Original ones.

I seem to be havering (is that a Scottish word?) so lets see some shoes









I love this die and  it's so much fun using up bits and pieces in the designs

I used a sheet music & a little label from the Graphics Fairy as part of the embellishment

and, of course, they have to be stored somewhere so I made some little boxes

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Paper shoes

who doesn't love shoes?

I have had a penchant for shoes all my life and, as I get older, I like them even more. What I would like to know is why I (we?) buy beautiful high heels when we know we can never walk in them - ok so you can go to a function and sit on a chair or bar stool but you have to actually get to the chair or stool in the first place!

I have been wanting to make some paper shoes for ages as I have seen beautiful ones on Pinterest and my creative instincts were given a boost when Karen (the Graphics Fairy) posted a lovely picture she found on Pinterest a few nights ago.

I found a really good  template and tutorial from Terri at Artful Affirmations to make the basic shoe, and this is my first attempt. The music paper I used for the insole is a graphic from the Graphics Fairy

then, because I like to add my own twist to things, I painted a rose on the next and embellished it with pearls. I used Decoart Americana paint for the rose and the back of the shoe. The label is another graphic from the Graphics Fairy and I added the text on Pikmonkey.

I am quite pleased with the results and will definitely make more, but will have to try different glues - I found double sided tape was not strong enough and my glue gun was just too heavy with the amount of glue and would have left bumps in the shoe

you won't walk a mile in these shoes but they may bring a smile!

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Hand Painted Roses using DecoArt Americana on a Chalk Paint Basecoat

I don't really like using chalk paint - the reason being that I painted a large Laura Ashley table and 2 lamp tables with it. I used the finishing wax and didn't like the result. It looked streaky, but not in a way that I liked (I like to control my streaks) lol. 

........but, being an obstinate crafter, I thought I would give it another try on this lovely tray I bought in TK Maxx (aka TJ Maxx across the pond)

I transferred the script using an image I sourced at the Graphics Fairy  and transferred it using the freezer paper method (there is a tutorial on here if you use the search list on the left of the screen)

I then used DecoArt Americana paints to paint the roses and leaves. I was surprised at how well the acrylic paint went on to the chalk with literally no dragging. I always touch up my painting at the end to remove any parts I don't like and the chalk paint covered them well.

I didn't use a pattern as I always design projects as I go along 

Finally I used 3 coats of DecoArt Spray Varnish

......and a handy tip - I wanted to transfer the script by rubbing with a brayer on the freezer paper. I don't have a brayer so I used one of my roller clothes thingys and just rubbed talcum powder over it to combat the stickiness. It worked a treat

Happy Painting


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hand painted roses

I love roses - I love their colours, shape and fragrance

I love to grow them, dry them. arrange them and, most of all, paint them

I never ever thought I would be able to paint anything until, in my mid 50s, I discovered decorative painting. It is such a wonderful hobby/skill/technique to learn and most people can do it with practice

There are various paints on the market but my preference is DecoArt. The projects below were all painted using DecoArt Americana paint, but their range also includes fabric, metal, glass, patio and multi surface paints.  All you need to start painting is a couple of brushes and a few small bottles of paint

......a good surface to practice on is black card

 an Ikea plant pot

cardboard box

a stencilled initial and hand painted rose on a card

if you want to try painting there are lots of books and videos available

and this is the link to my free practice sheet, on Craftsy, for painting rosebuds

there are more examples on my website 

Happy painting