Monday, September 30, 2013

Printed roses cards

I am drowning in a sea of glitter today, because I am  doing some Christmas gift wraps for a photo shoot (and it's still September!)

My post today is about something else though.... just about the easiest card you could make and all you need is a box of watercolour pencils (artists' grade is best) and a printed graphic

I printed off this lovely vintage roses graphic here on the Graphics Fairy site

and basically coloured the roses in using a small round brush and watercolour pencils

dip the brush in water and stroke it across the pencil lead to pick up the colour, and paint the roses. Try blending colours and adding some red to the leaves to add to the overall effect

 It's not a good idea to ever put the pencil in to the water or the lead may break, and don't use a pencil with a wet lead to draw directly on to paper or card.

and that's it - easy and quick cards

Have a great day

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Graphics storage folder

I am addicted to using graphics and, each time I see one I like, I print off a copy and also save it  on my computer. The problem is I now have so many that I can never find them without a time consuming search!

I don't know how Karen, the Graphics Fairy manages to keep finding beautiful images, but they just keep coming (I wonder if one folder will suffice). Each time I look for an image for a specific project I find more, unrelated ones I bought an inexpensive card folder with elastic and made it look pretty  with a lovely vintage image of a lady, and a heart  cut from sheet music. Both are from the Graphics Fairy

I stuck self adhesive faux pearls on to the elastic

and now I will be able to find my graphics - at least that is the plan

 ps.....on the left side of the folder (with red double sided tape)  is my stash of "ready to print graphics". I  stick double sided tape around the edges of A4 copy paper and, when I find a graphic I want to use, I only have to remove the tape and stick the copy paper on to freezer paper (see previous blog) before putting it through my printer

Have a great week


Friday, September 13, 2013

headboard slip cover

we got a new headboard a few months ago - not too expensive but covered in a nice linen fabric. Rather than get it marked I decided to make a slipcover that can be easily laundered. these can be pretty expensive so I was really pleased when I had a flash (well glimmer) of inspiration. I could use a tablecloth I had recently bought in a sale,  made with 100% cotton but it looked like linen.

I couldn't believe my luck when I measured it and it was almost the right size

I cut a piece from the end and cut it in to strips to make the ties

I had intended posting a tutorial but am sorry to say I must have deleted the step by step pictures. Basically I just sewed the ties and transferred a lovely image of a crown and wreath I found at the Graphics Fairy site. I used the freezer paper method to transfer the image - there is a tutorial on an earlier blog here 

I hand painted the flowers and scrolls on the wall using DecoArt Americana paint

These pillow cases were purchased from a stall at a market in Calpe, Spain. Imagine all the work that went in to making them and I got the two for 8 euros! They are huge - 80cms x 80cms

silk purse from a cow's ear - that's what crafting is all about!

have a good week

Friday, September 6, 2013

Halloween card with a battery tealight

Halloween is..........
ghoulies, ghosties and marshmallow toasties

how to make a Halloween card with a flickering battery operated tea light

Square punch (optional)
Graphics - I got mine at the Graphics Fairy site & there are lots more
1 x battery operated tealight
Double sided tape
Square punch or a craft knife
Decoupage scissors

Cut 2 pieces of card  290cms x 85cms

fold each card over in the middle, then turn the cards over and fold the edges towards the centres  

cut 2 squares on both pieces of card (I used a punch but a craft knife would be good too). The squares measure approximately 55mms for this size of card

place double sided tape on the edge of the cut squares

and stick on a piece of vellum or acetate to give a window effect (sorry I don't have a picture)

Stick double sided tape on 4 sides of the outside squares

and stick the 2 pieces of card together (outside squares only). 

Then decorate - I drew the spider's web on the acetate with a permanent pigment marker

and cut out skeletons and placed them in and outside the card

top view

enjoy & please use battery operated tea lights for safety