Sunday, April 5, 2015

Round Pin Cushion Tutorial - make from an upcycled cashmere sweater

It is a beautiful day in Edinburgh - great for children rolling their Easter eggs

Not for me however as I have been busy crafting and preparing lesson plans.

This year I will be teaching again on cruise ships and am always trying to come up with new projects....

What do you do with that favourite cashmere sweater or cardigan? You can only shave off these little  pilled balls for so long until it is eventually unwearable.

I have always liked these pin cushions so thought I would try making some.....they are super easy and quick to make and woukd make lovely gifts

Also this is a nice way to use up your stash of buttons and bling to make each a One of a Kind

To make one you will need;
A piece of cashmere
Embroidery floss or crochet cotton
Polyester filling
A button
Pinking Scissors
Needles (it is helpful to use a long needle for the final step) 

Fold the fabric in two with the right sides together. 
Pin together and draw round the edge of a small saucer or plate with an air erasable pen (mine was in the loft so I used a Sharpie and made sure I cut inside the marking). I used a 10cm saucer.

Cut out with pinking shears to prevent fraying

Sew together with backstitches approximately 3mm from the edge,  leaving a small gap to insert the filling, Then cut a few nicks

Turn inside out, stuff and sew the open part with small stitches

Bring the needle with double floss up from the back to the front at the centre point, pulling gently, then over to the back again. Repeat this until you have the required number of segments* (sorry I did not take a picture)

*you may find it helpful to make a paper template and fold in half two or three times and use this as a guide for the segments. I did it without a template and it is ok for me....I always say if you want something perfect buy manufactured not crafted 

This one goes nicely with the needle case I made recently

and this lily was cut with a o, then tinted with watercolours

and this one is embellished with a tatted flower  and hand made tassel (please see my earlier post for how to make tassels)

Since writing this post I have tried washing the cashmere in a 60 deg wash  - this works a treat and felts the wool: this prevents fraying, so you can cut with ordinary, rather than pinking scissors.
Happy crafting.........


  1. Thanks for sharing your tutorial! That seems a lovely way to keep a reminder of an article of clothing that is loved but no longer wearable.

  2. Such a nice idea. I would love to do this too. Thanks for sharing :)


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