Sunday, April 26, 2015

Hand Painted Roses on Cards

Who doesn't love roses?

I love growing them, drying them, sewing them with silk ribbon and painting them

My previouss post was cards made with this Sizzix On The Edge Die and I could not wait to make some with painted roses.  The lacy edge combined with pale roses is stunning. I love painting on black  and the cards look amazing with either coloured inserts or a greeting written with white ink

If you would like to learn decorative painting it is easier than you think as you build on your skills stroke by is similar to the way you learn the alphabet or a musical instrument, rather than being born with "artistic talent".  I believe everyone is born with some creativity but often lack of confidence and self doubt gets in the way of it! I didn't start painting until I was 55 and many good painters only take it up when they retire.

I teach arts and crafts on cruise ships and one of my favourite things is seeing passengers who have just made something for the very first time

If you want to start painting there are many helpful links with ideas, tips and projects. 

. There are hundreds of projects for all skill levels on the DecoArt site

I painted these cards with DecoArt Americana Paint on black card. is a quality paint with a smooth consistency and  comes in a wide range of colours


If you are a beginner you can achieve beautiful results with a new series of folk art painting kits called Folk It   The kits are designed to enable you to learn the basic skills of folk art and you can create beautiful hearts, greeting cards and home decor items using these skills. Everything you need to start is in the kits including brushes, paints a, surfaces and patterns

Give it a will love it!


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