Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Felt Poppy Brooch Tutorial

Hi - after having a wonderful 8 week holiday in sunny Florida we are now back home in a cold and wet Scotland.

Being back means it is time to design new projects for this years classes, I am trying to work on one project at a time and tidy up as I go but.......well I am a crafter lol

I did not start out to make a poppy brooch to wear myself but to teach in a class later this year. Now I have seen the finished item I know I will definitely be wearing it to add a pop of red to a winter coat, bag, sweater or hat. 

To make one you will need:
 4 x red felt hearts (I cut them with a Sizzix Original Heart die)
1 x 1" diameter red felt circle
1 x 1" diameter green felt circle
A tiny piece of polyester filling 
A brooch pin
A chenille needle 
A fine sewing needle
Black cotton thread
Red thread

Cut out two hearts 

Cut the tip off each heart

Sew a running stitch dart along approximately 2/3 of each piece

With the right side facing you sew the hearts together, gathering them as you sew

Sew a running stitch near the edge of the felt circle

Fill with a little of the fillng then pull the needle tightly to gather and close the circle

Fasten off with a few stitches

Sew 5 stitches from the centre outwards over the padded centre (sorry I forgot to take a picture)

then sew some stiches of  varying lengths on each petal

Sew French French knots on each petal (there are lots of online tutorials)

and......if you don't want to do  a padded centre and  French knots add a large glass bead (or button) and some seed beads instead

 Sew the brooch pin on to the felt circle

And, finally sew or glue the back on to the poppy

 These are quick and easy to make and look even better when you scrunch them up a bit!

One of these days I will make more using different fabrics and colours - I am thinking silk, voile or linen

Thanks for your visit please follow my blog for more multi media projects

Happy crafting



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