Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Furniture Upcycle with DecoArt Chalky Finish Paint and a Decal

Hi......today I am sharing a really quick and easy  way to transform a piece of furniture with DecoArt DecoArt  Americana Chalky Finish Paint and a custom made decal
This piece is a dark wood double bed which folds against a wall. Because it is so large it made the room very dark. I did not take a picture of the complete unit prior to it being painted but this shows both the unpainted wood and the centre portion after one coat of paint

I did not complete this project myself but suggested it to our friends in Fort Lauderdale - they are both musicians and between them they play the piano, harp, violin and pipes.  

I sourced a decal of a harp measuring approximately 48" x 36" from www.wall-art.com. This company has hundreds of designs in lots of colours

It arrived in the post with quite a few wrinkles (I know the feeling lol) but these were removed on application by rubbing with a plastic card (which comes with the decal)

A brush
Masking tape (Optional)
Simply apply 2 coats of paint (possibly more depending upon the surface and paint colours) then apply two coats of varnish allowing it to dry between coats. 

(We decided on satin varnish but DecoArt have a great range of waxes and varnishes for furniture)

It is best to wait for 24 hours beforeapplying the decal following the manufacturers instructions

Sorry the picures are not so good.....I only had my iPad with me.

I think my friends did a great transformation.....don't you?


  1. Great idea to decorate that wall. Looks really nice. I'll be looking into those decals, thanks for supplying link. Love how that looks, pretty decal. Murphy beds are fun aren't they? Don't take up whole room. Have seen on some shows more people are using them. Smart idea
    Enjoy upcoming weekend Do you live where it's cold/snowy? We live in western CO, few miles west of GrandJunction, CO

  2. thanks for your comment. I live near Edinburgh, Scotland so sometimes snow and very often it's cold. I am very lucky as I do a lot of travel teaching to different countries where sometimes it is sunny!


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