Tuesday, February 3, 2015

French Style Dressing Table Stool - DecoArt Americana Decor Stencil - The Flower Market

this stool  started life covered in velvet....but I wanted to give it a makeover to match my headboard. 

In a previous tutorial I showed how I transformed a tablecloth in to a headboard cover and use freezer paper to transfer an image. 
......this worked really well, but the technique can be touch and go and takes some time to do - stencilling is a much quicker and easier method

A piece of French linen 
DecoArt So Soft Fabric Paint -  I used Graphite 
Spray-on stencil adhesive 
A foam pouncer (or stencil brush)
Kitchen towel
Paper plate or palette

Wash  the fabric to remove any starch - do not use fabric conditioner

Cut a circle of fabric allowing an extra 2 inches wider than the stool.

Staple the fabric on to the underside of the stool 

 Apply a fine mist of stencil adhesive on to the stencil

Pick  up a little paint on the pouncer and dab some off on the kichen towel ( if too much paint is used it may bleed under the stencil).

Dab  it on through stencil making sure it does not seep underneath and on to the fabric

You could, of course, stencil the fabric before covering the stool, but I find the placement easier this way 


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