Monday, August 25, 2014

How to organise your chargers

Aaargh.... know the feeling - it's like Spaghetti Junction on a bank holiday! I have tried everything to keep cables and chargers in some kind of order, but up until now nothing has worked. It must be because I keep pulling them out until I find the right one and the whole thing deteriorates in to a tangled mess. By the time I find the right one I feel like tearing my hair out as well as the chargers. that has all changed, thanks to DecoArt Multi Surface Paint.

All I did was dip the wooden end of a paint brush in to a puddle of paint and plop a dot on to the charger and the device in matching colours (it's a good idea to rub the surface with a little rubbing alcohol to remove any grease and help the paint to adhere).

You could get really creative, but there is not a lot of space to paint on.
If you run out if colours just plop 2 dots on to the surface and pull them together to make a heart

This must be the shortest and easiest project ever posted but, trust me, it works

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