Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Vintage Buttons from Portugal

Don't you just love the feeling when you stumble across a traditional shop, tucked away in a back street, brimming with things you love?

This happened to me a few days ago when I came across a little button shop in Portugal. From the the outside it looked nothing special, but I was not surprised to find the best stash of vintage buttons I have ever seen in one place....with the exception of museums of course.The shop is owned by a lovely Portuguese lady and she told me the business has been in the family for 94 years

So far I have returned to the shop 3 times - I am not an expert, so would be delighted if anyone reading this has any comments.
Everything was organised and in boxes or jars...this made me smile
I am guessing that some of the buttons are new but some may have been taken from vintage clothes...I would love to hear their story
This is one of my favourites but, unfortunately, there was only one. It is beautifully formed and has a large piece of mother if pearl encased in plastic
These tiny ones are glass

a selection of very large buttons - the cream ones could be shell?

Plastic I think but very old and very pretty

These are sooooo unusual - made with a gilt button as the base with braided gilt around the edge

These are hollow, about 1/3" deep with sequins in the bottom and they have what looks like a piece if chain around the edge


Gilt and plastic


another gift from this sweet lady....a vintage hospital vial. Her father used to sell them many years ago and she stores tiny buttons in them.


As if I had not seen enough she then came through from the back with boxes and boxes of vintage silk floss, in jewel like colours


I hope you have enjoyed visiting a Portuguese button shop with me. I will go back tomorrow and will share pictures of any more treasure I find. I did spend mire than I meant to but that, I guess, is to be expected and happens to us all......

Was I excited doing the simplest of things - yes I was lol

Happy Crafting



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  1. Beautiful buttons and what a lovely shop!! I think I could have stayed in there for days. What a great legacy in that shop with it being in the family for so long. I bet they have some stories they could tell!! Just fascinating! Thanks for sharing!!


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