Thursday, April 10, 2014

Painted Poppies on RV Motorhome Back Box

Hello from Silves in sunny Portugal

We have had this Burstner (RV if you live across the pond) for 7 years. Each winter we leave Scotland for sunnier climes...I guess we are European Snowbirds

I resisted the temptation to paint something on the van until we bought this Fiamma back box, and my husband said "go ahead if you want to paint something on it"...... how could I resist?

The next thing was what should I paint? roses seemed too girly, so I decided on poppies. When we travel from Scotland through France and Spain to Portugal we see so many beautiful poppies that they seemed to fit the bill

Painting on plastic has always been difficult - various companies have marketed paint but I never liked the colours, until now.


DecoArt Multi Surface Paint is a durable, opaque satin finish paint suitable for painting on wood, glass, fabric, terracotta and plastic


Because we are travelling and space is at a premium, I was limited in the colours I could bring. I completed this design using only 5 colours: Black Tie, Lipstick, Apple Green, Orange Sherbet and Cocoa Bean (I use polystyrene plates as palettes and, when painting outdoors, sometimes use a few stones to prevent them blowing away)

I double loaded a 3/4 flat brush with orange Sherbet and Lipstick to paint the poppies
Rather than painting the highlight white I simply rubbed some of the paint off using kitchen towel

The colours I used for the leaves were Apple Green, Cocoa Bean and just a touch of Lipstick (silly me...I did not bring any yellow but it seems ok as it is)



Project completed......if you happend to be somewhere in Europe and see a motorhome with painted poppies please give us a wave

I almost forgot.....I painted a different design on the other side of the box

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