Thursday, October 3, 2013

Hand painted roses

I love roses - I love their colours, shape and fragrance

I love to grow them, dry them. arrange them and, most of all, paint them

I never ever thought I would be able to paint anything until, in my mid 50s, I discovered decorative painting. It is such a wonderful hobby/skill/technique to learn and most people can do it with practice

There are various paints on the market but my preference is DecoArt. The projects below were all painted using DecoArt Americana paint, but their range also includes fabric, metal, glass, patio and multi surface paints.  All you need to start painting is a couple of brushes and a few small bottles of paint

......a good surface to practice on is black card

 an Ikea plant pot

cardboard box

a stencilled initial and hand painted rose on a card

if you want to try painting there are lots of books and videos available

and this is the link to my free practice sheet, on Craftsy, for painting rosebuds

there are more examples on my website 

Happy painting


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