Friday, September 13, 2013

headboard slip cover

we got a new headboard a few months ago - not too expensive but covered in a nice linen fabric. Rather than get it marked I decided to make a slipcover that can be easily laundered. these can be pretty expensive so I was really pleased when I had a flash (well glimmer) of inspiration. I could use a tablecloth I had recently bought in a sale,  made with 100% cotton but it looked like linen.

I couldn't believe my luck when I measured it and it was almost the right size

I cut a piece from the end and cut it in to strips to make the ties

I had intended posting a tutorial but am sorry to say I must have deleted the step by step pictures. Basically I just sewed the ties and transferred a lovely image of a crown and wreath I found at the Graphics Fairy site. I used the freezer paper method to transfer the image - there is a tutorial on an earlier blog here 

I hand painted the flowers and scrolls on the wall using DecoArt Americana paint

These pillow cases were purchased from a stall at a market in Calpe, Spain. Imagine all the work that went in to making them and I got the two for 8 euros! They are huge - 80cms x 80cms

silk purse from a cow's ear - that's what crafting is all about!

have a good week


  1. Gorgeous! Aren't you just too clever. :^) Yunno, I found a pillow cover at the thrift store recently that had buttons just like yours. I liked them so much I searched for--and found--a tutorial online. One of my one-of-these-days projects! My pillow cover was a tad cheaper than yours but not significantly. I think it cost something like $2.50. Wonder if it came from Europe?

    1. Thanks Nan, I winder if yours came from Europe. I would love to go back to Calpe as the guy had tons of vibtage linens


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