Friday, September 6, 2013

Halloween card with a battery tealight

Halloween is..........
ghoulies, ghosties and marshmallow toasties

how to make a Halloween card with a flickering battery operated tea light

Square punch (optional)
Graphics - I got mine at the Graphics Fairy site & there are lots more
1 x battery operated tealight
Double sided tape
Square punch or a craft knife
Decoupage scissors

Cut 2 pieces of card  290cms x 85cms

fold each card over in the middle, then turn the cards over and fold the edges towards the centres  

cut 2 squares on both pieces of card (I used a punch but a craft knife would be good too). The squares measure approximately 55mms for this size of card

place double sided tape on the edge of the cut squares

and stick on a piece of vellum or acetate to give a window effect (sorry I don't have a picture)

Stick double sided tape on 4 sides of the outside squares

and stick the 2 pieces of card together (outside squares only). 

Then decorate - I drew the spider's web on the acetate with a permanent pigment marker

and cut out skeletons and placed them in and outside the card

top view

enjoy & please use battery operated tea lights for safety


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