Sunday, September 22, 2013

Graphics storage folder

I am addicted to using graphics and, each time I see one I like, I print off a copy and also save it  on my computer. The problem is I now have so many that I can never find them without a time consuming search!

I don't know how Karen, the Graphics Fairy manages to keep finding beautiful images, but they just keep coming (I wonder if one folder will suffice). Each time I look for an image for a specific project I find more, unrelated ones I bought an inexpensive card folder with elastic and made it look pretty  with a lovely vintage image of a lady, and a heart  cut from sheet music. Both are from the Graphics Fairy

I stuck self adhesive faux pearls on to the elastic

and now I will be able to find my graphics - at least that is the plan

 ps.....on the left side of the folder (with red double sided tape)  is my stash of "ready to print graphics". I  stick double sided tape around the edges of A4 copy paper and, when I find a graphic I want to use, I only have to remove the tape and stick the copy paper on to freezer paper (see previous blog) before putting it through my printer

Have a great week


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