Friday, August 16, 2013

How to overlay graphics tutorial for use on cards, scrapbooks & image transfer

I am always looking for ways to make my projects unique, and I discovered an easy way to overlay one image over another  on  PikMonkey

This can be done using either images from your picture album or royalty free images you source online. 

I used these two images  from the Graphics Fairy (an excellent source with hundreds of images)

 vintage French vintage sheet music as the background

and colourful feathers - plumes for the overlay

1. select a  background image, save it to your photos album and give it a name
2. repeat for the overlay image
3. log on to the PicMonkey website
4. click on edit photo
5. click on click to open or drag image here the background picture from your photos album and it will show on the PicMonkey screen

7. click on  textures (second from bottom on left of the page)
8. click on your own (top left on left of page) or you can use one of PikMonkey's textures
9. click on open my texture, then upload picture 2 (the overlay) from your photos album

      the result will look something like mine above (you may notice that I don't have the whole top layer
      but you do have the option to reduce or enlarge it if required)

10. Click on fade or saturate if required on  effect  or move if required

10. select any changes you want to make from auto adjust - the options are: crop, rotate, exposure,
      colors sharpen and resize

11. save to your computer

12.  print

of course, once I started playing, I couldn't stop!

The permutations when using this technique are endless and
there are excellent instructions on the PikMonkey site, but it may help to print this tutorial to refer to the first time you try it (I had to keep going back & forward).

the best part is that


Happy crafting 

..........and a ps you can use your own photos if you prefer


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  2. Me ha gustado la idea y lo he probado siguiendo tus instrucciones y me ha salido muy bien. Muchas gracias. Besos

  3. Thanks for this Gill, I had already used Pic Monkey for collages but I didn't know about this overlay tool.
    Thank you also for your help with the comment problem - very mysterious!
    you have a nice blog here :)

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