Sunday, August 4, 2013

Easy Image Transfer with Lazertran

This is a quick project I did yesterday using Lazertran Inkjet Decal Paper. This is a quick and easy way  to transfer an image to a glossy surface.

There are clear instructions included in each pack but basically you:
source an image
print it on to the Lazertran
leave to dry for about 30 minutes
cut around the image
soak in warm water for about half an hour 
slide the image off the backing and to the surface
press to remove any air bubbles

 Sometimes your image will be left with an opaque effect, but this will go if you spray it with an  acrylic varnish such as DecoArt Acrylic Spray

I source my images from the Graphics Fairy because there is an abundance of vintage royalty free images, and we crafters all know you must be careful to keep within copyright laws.

I alway try and print as many images as possible on one sheet of decal paper to save wastage,  and a visit to Karen's site always provides inspiration, so not only do I get what I am looking for to complete the current project but also have others to use in the future. 
 I printed on to A5 paper and will use the other half later  (it comes in A4 sheets)

This is it looked before I........

 flipped it over (check the instructions for your printer)  so the script would read correctly 

 I think the little bees & dragonflies will look good on lots of surfaces and I have the bird cage earmarked for a tin jug from Ikea, and.....the Christmas tree mmmmmm
oooh and aren't the bees huge this year - there are lots in our garden

thanks for visiting, Gill

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