Saturday, August 3, 2013

Cotton Reel Blending Tool Tutorial

What's new in blogland? maybe you noticed I have a new header - this is something I didn't think I would ever attempt to do but, with the help of Picmonkey, it was super easy. I was very lucky in that they seem to have just updated the process for doing this - thanks Picmonkey!

I bought a couple of Tim Holtz Distress Inkpads this week as I want to make some vintage tags. In addition to the pads you also require at least one blending tool. These sell in the UK for over £5 each but of course, I made my own. There are lots of tutorials on making them with square wood blocks and a knob but rather than go to the bother I used a wooden cotton reel. It's easy to hold and, I believe, will the result will be softer. If you prefer you can try using sponge daubers

This is a quick and easy way to make a blending tool
Cotton reel/s
Velcro (hooked side)
Felt - for use with alcohol inks or
Foam - for use with ink pads
Double sided sticky tape (strong)

A. Stick some double sided tape on one side of each cotton reel

B. remove the  paper/plastic covering

C. Place a piece of Velcro, hook side down, on a flat surface and press a cotton reel on to this 

D. Press the hooked side on to a small piece of felt or foam (see below)

E. Cut off the excess velcro and felt/foam with small scissors

F. and you have a blending tool

G. it's a good idea to cut a few extra circles and keep one for each colour (I keep mine in a Ziplock bag along with the pads)

I have used the applicators on some buff coloured tags and these are a few of the results - as usual I have incorporated other bits and pieces......
organza ribbon
a tatted butterfly
a piece of tatting and black lace (part of a cocktail dress I only wore once)

in my next blog I will share the results of using the applicators

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