Sunday, July 28, 2013

How to cover a box lid with fabric

What is it about boxes? I hoard them and have even been known to buy a box of biscuits just because I like the tin or box! many of my storage boxes look shabby and not chic?

I keep some  of the earrings I make in this white cardboard box, but, as you can see, the lid was looking a bit worse for wear.

I transferred a lovely vintage image, of children in the rain, on to a piece of white linen....the image is another one from Karen, The Graphics Fairy. I transferred the image using the freezer paper technique which I find is the best way to do it (there is a tutorial on an earlier post here)

I didn't take a picture at the beginning of this project, so must explain the the snowflakes were stamped on later and are not part of the image

There are lots of tutorials out there on how to cover boxes and box lids, but this is how I did it:

A. lay the fabric on a flat surface
B. place the  lid on to he fabric (upside down), and fold the edges over to the inside
C. Tuck the fabric in tightly and mark where you want to cut - I used an air erasable pen & the marks vanish in a short time

D. open the fabric out and apply strong double sided sticky tape along each of the four edges

E. cut off the excess at each corner 

F. Remove the paper from the tape and fold each edge over, making sure the corners are neat

This is how the corners should look inside (there is a little wrinkle on one edge - but wrinkles do add character!)

To add more touches to the scene I rubber stamped the snowflakes  (using an ink pad suitable for fabric). I then added a few rhinestones to the bottom of the umbrella, dry brushed some snow at the bottom and added a light sprinkle of DecoArt Glamour Dust.

    ...and that's it finished - box clever! 


  1. I love your fabric lid. Thanks for showing us how to make it. I haven't done it before. I didn't know about the air dry marker or the stamping ink for fabric. Learned some new things! Have a great Monday!

    1. Thanks Patty I hope you have a good week, Gill

  2. i love the image, thanks for sharing how to.

  3. This is so pretty and a great idea.You've chosen a beautiful image and I love it that you added snowflakes - perfect. Your neighbour a this week's Brag Monday! x


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