Friday, May 3, 2013

Decorative painting

I love painting!

and thought I would share some of my results with you

I started painting about 13 years ago when I saw a demonstration at the SECC in Glasgow - it really did have a "wow" factor and I  couldn't wait to learn

I attended a couple of classes and received excellent teacher training from DecoArt. I feel very privileged to be a DecoArt Helping Artist as they are such a professional company who sell, what I think are  the best products available

I painted these cards yesterday with DecoArt Americana paint - they are for a summer fete being held in the home where my Mum lives

 painted with Rainbow Dust edible paints -  cupcake covers (and painted edible paper)

practicing scroll work - there is a little wobble though

these poppies are one of my favourite canvases

Les Lettres Lap Desk

if you have never painted decorative painting may be just the thing for you - it is a systematic learning process similar to learning an alphabet. If I can be of any help just SHOUT lol

Happy painting


  1. Hi! Yes, I enjoyed finding your blog so very much! I have been searching for someone who likes to also paint as I used to quite a bit but have been "off" for some years now. I am recovering from a lg. brain tumor for over a year now & thought we had this under control when I had a seizure about 2 weeks ago & a set back. I desperately yearn to pain again but have no area as we moved a house & do not have it finished or areas set up yet. I fight my frustration as I dream & I just need some inspiration to put me in gear & do what I can. I love yur shirt & tin that I looked at & now I am all aflutter again! Thank you so much. If yu know of others who also pain & do not mind putting me onto their sites I wouls be so grateful! I am only 57 & have much to do yet!! God Bless!

    1. Thank you Angie. I hope you get better soon. If you would like to send me a private email vua my website I woukd be happy to send you some info and practice sheets. You could also do a search fir decirative painting on www.pinterest,com where you will find lots of inspiration and tutorials


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