Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Rainbow of Ribbons - how to dye polyester ribbon with fabric paints

Rainbow of Ribbons
this tutorial is to share how I dye polyester ribbon using acrylic paints

it’s great fun to dye ribbon using DecoArt So Soft Paint and the best part is that you can vary the colours to suit individual projects. The result is an ombre (shaded) effect which results in unique colours each time; this really adds depth to your work especially when doing silk ribbon embroidery. The ribbon is also perfect for using on barrettes, gift wrapping, scrapbooking, card making and jewellery making

Here are some examples with the colours I used but, of course, the permutations are endless. You can use small pieces of ribbon and experiment until you find something that suits your project

Cadmium Yellow
Cadmium Orange
Bright Coral

True Blue

Soft Peach
BabyPink Deep
   Magenta Shimmering Pearl

Polyester ribbon - I used 7mm wide
Plastic clothes pegs (optional)
3 x glass or ceramic bowls


Squeeze small amount of each colour in to individual dishes &
add water to each dish - approximately 1 part paint to 3 parts water (variable) and mix well

Wrap approximately 1 metre x  ribbon around your hand

Hold in place with the clothes peg (optional) in the centre

Dip one end set of loops in to the first colour, let it drip for a couple of minutes

 repeat with the loops at the other end

Remove the clothes peg, if you have used one

Fold over, so that all loops are together and dip the middle parts in to the third colour  (you can miss this step if you only want to have two colours) - sorry I didn't take a picture of this step

Hang up to dry (I like to choose a good sunny day and dry the dyed ribbon outside)


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  1. Hi gill, thx for the tutorial...i was browsing on methods of dyeing ribbons and have come across yr blog
    Will the color runs when we wash the ribbons...i plan to use the ribbons for my ribbonwork
    Tq very much n i look forward to yr response


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