Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fabrique Speciale - a storage basket know how sometimes you see something and think "now how can I use that". I did when I saw a new graphic from Karen  The Graphics Fairy a few days ago - I loved the text and the font and knew it would look pretty with some French linen

The obvious place for me to use it was on a basket I keep special pieces of linen and lace in - some I have painted, some have ribbon embroidery and others are plain fabric waiting to be put to good use

This was a quick and easy project as I didn't have to go through my normal process of transferring the image to fabric. I simply printed the image on to a  piece of  Production Polyester Canvas Media, using my inkjet printer.  It went through like a dream and, thank goodness, didn't jam my printer! I hate printer jams

I was going to search for a graphic for a suitable flower but, lo and behold, today my daughter came home from the US and brought me a huge stash of craft materials from Michaels. Amongst it was this lovely  flower - already cut out and printed on to keep your Mum happy!

Quick and easy and perfect for my basket

Thank you once again Karen

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