Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ribbon Roses Heart - Random draw

I love draws - don't you?

I now have 18 followers and promised I would have a random draw when it reached 25, so not long to go now.  I have lots of visits every day but this is not reflected in the number of followers so either they don't like my stuff or I have set the link up wrong! Who can tell? is what I am offering

a white felt heart with embroidered ribbon roses, using 100% silk ribbon which I have dyed

a little tatted butterfly made with Yarnplayer's hand dyed thread, a couple of charms and 4 mother-of-pearl buttons

I will use as soon as it hits 25 and all new and existing members will be entered

Good luck!


  1. Very beautiful ;-) very very very!

  2. This is so sweet and pretty. I love it! Can't wait to poke around this cute blog some more. Found you through Debbiedoo's.

    1. thanks you Shannon and welcome to my blog

  3. pretty. i was going to follow, but i dont have an acct with any of those and i don't want to open one, but wanted tell you how pretty this is

  4. thank you. That's a shame - you can follow by entering your email (which i don't see)

  5. Not like your stuff? Nonsense! I wish I had time to comment on every blog I read every day, but then I'd have to give up tatting! ;-)

  6. I am visiting from Debbie-do's. Everything looks lovely. Stop by my blog and follow along if you like. I am in the same boat as you with getting followers! Best of luck to you! Diane

  7. Very nice blog. Found you through Debbiedoo's.


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