Friday, September 7, 2012

Painting on plastic

I have never, until now, found a water based paint that can be used successfully on plastic, without using a primer).  Until now that is...

I bought some Martha Stewart Multi Purpose Satin  paint in the US last year and used it on a couple of ultra quick projects yesterday.

The first was on a black plastic clipboard

and the other was on a plastic flowerpot for the garden

a quick and easy way to add colour!

It has been quite a crafty week for me - I tatted 2 bookmarks with Lizbeth thread. If you are in the UK it is now available at Roseground  and it is widely available in the US. The pattern is by by Kersti Anear.

 One of these pretty little bookmarks will be included in my first random prize draw in a couple of weeks. 

To enter the draw please click on the "join this site" link at the top of the page or alternatively enter your email address

Another crafting day today - painting, sewing and image transfer........who says retirement is boring?


  1. I'm not a painter, can't even draw a stick figure, but I do understand the frustration of not being able to work with the materials you have at hand. I'm glad you've found a paint that will work with plastic.

    Ooh! You've tatted my favorite bookmark pattern! I've lost count of how many Stumpy bookmarks I've tatted, but none have looked as pretty as yours. I would love to be entered in your drawing. A librarian can never have too many bookmarks, you know!

    1. thanks for your comment Diane. I didn't paint until I was in my 50s - I started with One Stroke and attempted to develop my own style. I love the stumpy bookmark. I am putting a few items together for the draw an, of course you will be in it. Have a great weekend, Gill

  2. Gill,
    As always so beautiful. I'm already following you so not sure how to enter to win one of your beautiful bookmarks. Send me an email re: your next travel plans. I picked up some old pamphlets with crocheted edge instructions that I want to send over to you. Thanks so much for sharing your lovely work.... All the best, Kim

  3. Hi Kim

    we had a great time on the Navigator - I was thinking about you when we were in the Cosmopolitan Lounge! I don't think you have to do anything to enter - I am going to use I will send you a pm soon.
    Gill x


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