Monday, July 30, 2012

Vintage monogram linen

Monogrammed linen is exquisite and I couldn't resist  buying 2 vintage pillow/cushion covers today. They each have a beautiful monogram and a large piece of crochet in 2 corners. They are huge, but I don't think I will want to cut them - we might just  have to buy a bigger bed

...and, of course how could I resist these pretty little cloths. I have had so many similar ones in the past and gave them all away so it's wonderful to buy more.  The lovely piece of broderie anglaise was on the same stall and will come in handy for a future project - the ends have been folded back and secured with a tiny crochet ring and ribbon.

My lovely vintage pieces have all been laundered but will have to be pinned out and starched at a later date. I use sugar and water but there are other methods

this is what I did with the one of the crochet flowers I made last week - not very inspired but, at least, it is useful and looks nice & fresh with summery clothes

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