Monday, July 30, 2012

Tatting and travelling

we travelled through central to Northern Portugal. First stop was for a couple of nights at  Luso a beautiful small spa town - the water was the clearest I've ever seen and tasted wonderful. The temperature was around 40 deg with 35 through the night! Unbearable. We are now at Areao Beach and, thank goodness the temperature is more bearable.  The beaches here are so nice with sand as fine as talcum powder and. more often than not, you are the only ones there.I spent yesterday collecting shells with a view to composing a picture for a competition I am going to enter - it was such fun playing on the beach!

Holly, our Jane Russell, loves th beach and she gets so excited. This is her a couple of days ago - she hadn't been near the sea for a while & loved it

My tatting is a disappointment; twice I have made a mistake at the very end of projects and, despite endless tries at undoing the end knot, I had to throw them in the bin! I think I may have to give up on the tatting as it seems to be causing flare-ups I get from time to time, and the pains in my fingers have been bad. I will give it a rest for a few days and try again - hope it's ok as I do enjoy it.

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