Monday, July 30, 2012

Storage solutions - belts and evening dresses

things are almost back to normal and, at last, I have had the cast removed from my arm.  It's not easy being a crafter with a broken dominant wrist but everything passes and patience is a virtue.

The weather has been beautiful in Scotland and that's really good for the soul so....... 
I have been tidying out my wardrobe and drawers as I literally had to throw everything in when my arm was in the cast. Today it seemed a good idea to have a clear out and tidy things up a bit. I thought I would share a couple of neat storage ideas here. Because we travel in our motorhome much of the time I am used to using space to advantage although, I must admit, I don't take many belts or evening dresses when we travel. 

Belt up - this is one of those “why didn’t I think of that? ideas ”

this little trick was given to me by my daughter and she was given it  in a shop - I don’t know when and I don’t know where but  it doesn’t really matter - what does matter is that now, instead of having a jumble of belts looking like this 

I now have just one box which looks like this

and this is how it’s done:
  • place the cut end of the belt through the buckle from front to back

  • pull through
  • wind up from the inside until it is fairly tight magic, the belt will stay like this until you want to wear it again. It will be curled under but will not affect the look when you next wear it.

this is a great way to hang  evening dresses or long summer  dresses which are so in at the moment

1) hang on a hangar as normal

2) pick up the bottom of the dress and place it over a second hangar

3)  hook the second hangar over the first

4) cover with a dress cover or large plastic bag with a hole made at the top

one of my favourite age old tips is to prevent heel blisters if you are wearing new shoes without tights or stockings - simply rub some washing up liquid on the heel and voila - pretty feet.

next I must tidy up my craft goodies.......back soon with some tips on drying roses and hydrangeas and to share some of my tatting efforts

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