Monday, July 30, 2012


my home town is Edinburgh, Scotland but we myself and my husband Bill and our dog Holly (a Jack Russell who thinks she's Jane Russell)  enjoy travelling in Europe in our motorhome. We are enjoying our retirement seeing new places and meeting new people. At the moment  we are at Castro Verde in the Alentejo region of Portugal. The Alentejo is a sanctuary for birds, some of which are very rare. when driving along the roads it is wonderful to see hundreds of storks nesting on telegraph poles & on rooftops. Sometimes at night all you can hear is the sound of storks clacking their bills. This week, however,  is not so quiet - as I write this I can hear the (loud) music from a gypsy wedding half a mile away. Apparently they go on for a week! and cost a lot of money.

I am a decorative painter and never travel without some paints and brushes. Last night, and the previous night, I gave a demo to some Castro Verde school children who are staying in tents at the campsite - school camp, what a thrill, I remember it well.

I am also teaching myself to tatt and this gives me another challenge - where to buy threads and patterns. Today I received some black thread, beads and earring wires in the post so......onwards & upwards. I have ordered some gorgeous hand dyed yarn  from Yarnplayer she dyes threads in the most fantastic colours and also offers free patterns.

I am grateful  for the amazing crafting and tatting websites and blogs with lots of online help, I will share lots of my favourite links here.

We have intermittent internet access, but I hope to post here fairly regularly with updates and photos of our travels, my painting and my road to tatting a perfect little piece  (this could take quite a while). I will also share some free painting packets and practice sheets as soon as I learn how to find my way around bloggers info.

Have a great weekend and thank you for visiting

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