Monday, July 30, 2012

Roses linge et une ferme Francais


I have had so much fun this week dyeing lots of different types of ribbon -  seam binding, pure silk, polyester and silk taffeta. I really enjoyed seeing the results when the ribbon has dried - that is, unless I have hung it out to dry and there has been heavy rain; actually, even then, the results are interesting

and linen

  I love pure linen and usually buy some when we are in France at Le Grenier du Lin in Hondschoote. It is a beautiful shop and the first time we visited Hondschoote the owner kindly spent over an hour showing us around  his factory where the flax from the local fields is processed ready for export around the world. 

on another trip we stayed at a farm in Normandy  call La Ferme au Filles des Saissons it was idyllic and even had a linen museum which, of course, I loved

now...............back to ribbon embroidery




Ribbon embroidery is so much easier than it looks and I am glad I bought "Roses" by Di van Niekerk - it is a beautiful book and so inspirational. You can also find Di's videos on Youtube.

tomorrow I must return to the garden and the battle with the slugs - this has been a really wet summer, some reports are saying the worst on record, and the little blighters are out in force. Why do they not feed on weeds?

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