Monday, July 30, 2012

Craft addictions

Craft addictions - I guess it all started with  French knitting.. My Dad hammered 4 nails into a wooden cotton reel  (a nancy) and away I went flying around that thing with a little pick used to pick up a loop and make a new one. When it was finished it made a really colourful coaster when sewn in a ring.

Next was a cotton dirndl skirt made at school when I was about ten. I was so proud of that piece of straight cotton with hems top & bottom and held up by elastic. To this day I can still remember the day the elastic snapped whilst I was crossing the playground. How would I ever live down the boys seeing my navy gym knickers! Well I did and it didn't put me off being creative.

I didn't craft much throughout my teenage years, but after were married I was always making things for our home - curtains, crochet tablecloths, loose covers and more. Then, when we had our daughters I made almost all of their clothes from arran cardis & crochet dresses to ballgowns.

Fast forward almost 20 years and I started teaching crafts - I had a ball & taught in places as diverse as village halls to the Chinese Room in a beautiful building that had been a Cistercian monastery. There are so many funny anecdotes from those years which I won't go in to just now .

Now I have discovered tatting - a great new experience learning new things & meeting new people. I have bought a great book & DVD by Janette Baker which I would highly recommend to beginners.

We are going to Lisbon tomorrow for a few days and I want to return to the famous  baixa area where there are a whole street tiny little button & braid shops - yes all they sell are buttons, buckles and the like! hopefully they sell beads too & shuttles & thread & findings lol

I posted the picture above in the wrong place drat! So much to learn. The pic is of our daughter Roz when she was little and I made the "walkie talkie doll in a box" costume for a fancy dress contest, I even made the box  with cellophane in the back so she could be seen from behind. It took many hours but......wait for it - she was beaten into 2nd place by a little boy wearing a miner's helmet, wellie boots and a placard saying "mini minor" - must have taken his Mum about 2 minutes! C'est la vie....ciao

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